Ralph Lauren

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren’s new outlet at Marina Bay Sands has brought a slice of timeless American elegance to Singapore, and this is particularly evident in the design and ambiance of their in-house cafe.

Alüm Hook-on panels were installed on the ceiling and finished with an embossed wood veneer. The embossed wood veneer finish replicates the warmth and natural beauty of real wood while offering the benefits of aluminum. This combination allows you to achieve the timeless and sophisticated look of wood without the associated maintenance requirements.


Meeting rooms, work cubicles, open offices, and more

We spend a huge amount of our time at work in meeting rooms, tele-conference rooms, and individual work cubicles. Many of these spaces have bad acoustics, which leads to poor speech intelligibility.

Come and see how we solve these echo and reverberation problems found in many modern workplace, from meeting rooms to open concept offices.


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